Our history
In 1981, a visionary man overturned the consumption habits of his compatriots who were content with a rum of poor quality in general too cut and which each one arranged as he could according to his means.

Lucien Fohine discovered that the sugar factory on the north west island of Nosy Be situated Great Island of Madagascar produces alcohol unique and persistent flavors. After investigations, it follows that this is due to the roots of ylang-ylang that intermingle with those of the cane and aromas of cloves, the pepper and vanilla, which grow in abundance in the region, which include the perfumes even after distillation.
Then, for logistical reasons and because it imports spirits from the West, Lucien Fohine relocates his business to Antananarivo. Especially since in a short time its production has increased and it has to enlarge the cellars. For, not only respect the magnificent basic product by reducing gradually as it should be, but again, it takes care of aging the rum contrary to local custom. It will even use oak barrels to create aged rums. A great first at Madagascar. These barrels are from Scotland, as Lucien Fohine has the confidence of Scottish distillers who allow it to proceed itself to the bottling of single malts and blends.
DZAMA Rhums are blended and bottled by the VIDZAR Company in Madagascar, created in 1981 by Lucien FOHINE and managed today by his son Franck FOHINE since 1996.
The flagship of the industry, VIDZAR is a purely Malagasy group that has become a national leader in the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Its desire is to materialize excellence and creativity "made in" Madagascar in the alcoholic beverage industry; and to convey the image and pride of purely Malagasy refinement through its products which symbolize a culture combining tradition and modernity.
The name VIDZAR comes from the contraction of "Vieux Rhum de Dzamandzar". In northern Madagascar, "Zama" refers to confidentiality between close friends. So you have a brother, a confidant, in your hands.
In Madagascar, sweets distill molasses, a residue from cane after it has been transformed into sugar. The whole art of the rum is to enhance the aromas of this pure alcohol by blending, reduction and aging.
Dzama Prestige and Luxury,
it is currently
14 products
As for export, Vidzar Company began to realize from 2010. Currently Dzama is present in 12 European countries, in 4 States of America and Canada.

Within the scope of his fame, Dzama always participates in various international fairs and competitions in the field of spirits and has been awarded several times.

26 médailles

Dzama Prestie Luxury and currently has 26 medals including 9 gold, 11 silver and 6 bronze. These were obtained in competitions organized in London, Miami, Madrid, Paris, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Berlin
C'est le mot de la compagnie VIDZAR

Thus, all actions and all the Company's projects reflect this. Rums Dzama are highly appreciated at home and abroad. They can rival the big brands.

The container is not far behind. Dzama not stop to investigate and exploit the natural resources of the Big Island for the packaging is excellent. From all this, the magnificent Dzama are born. Products that are the pride of all Malagasy.
Hence the slogan of the Company .

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